Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Absolutely! Your existing phone numbers will be ported over to Qubic cloud-based telephone service. Also, each phone will receive its own dedicated line. If you have existing dedicated telephone numbers for your users, they will be ported over to the Qubic service as well. If you do not have existing dedicated telephone numbers, new ones will be assigned to each telephone. Also, all outgoing calls from each Qubic VoIP phone will be configured to always send the same phone number — whether it is the private number of each telephone, or the main business telephone number. No longer will outbound caller ID send the phone number of a random line in your line rotation group as it does with plain old telephone service (POTS).

How much internet bandwidth is required?

Not a lot. Each phone call in progress uses between 30k and 90k, depending upon the codec that is used. The G729 standard codec compresses the voice audio and uses about 30kbps per conversation. The G711 codec does not compress voice audio and uses about 90kbps per conversation. Therefore, if you have basic internet service with 1.5Mbps, you could effectively handle as many as 45-50 phone calls using the G729 codec. However, this does not account for bandwidth needed for other uses, such as email and general internet browsing. We will configure which codec your phones use, depending upon bandwidth availability.

How good is the audio quality?

Qubic VoIP phones sounds better than traditional phones. The existing traditional telephone network was designed decades ago and the quality that can be delivered is limited by the existing outdated telephone network infrastructure. Since VoIP is transmitted over a data network, such as the internet, new standards are constantly being developed. One commonly used standard uses a sampling rate and frequency range that is twice that of a traditional phone call.

What happens if my internet service fails, or my power goes out?

Calls are automatically redirected to an alternate telephone number if your internet service or power fails, or if you simply unplug your VoIP phone. This is a feature called “unavailable call forwarding” and it is configured from the user portal, therefore users can set it up themselves. Calls can be redirected to their cell phone, or any other telephone number.

Do I still need a fax line, and can my fax service be incorporated into the cloud-based telephone service?

We know that voip fax systems have had a bad reputation in the past. They were slow, unreliable, and prone to errors. But we have changed that. We have invested in the latest technology and infrastructure to ensure that our voip fax system works flawlessly. Our voip fax system is the best way to send and receive documents securely and efficiently.