What Is Cloud based telecom?

Cloud-Based Telecom, also referred to as Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP, is a full-featured state of the art telephone system, but the server or “brain” isn’t located at your office.Instead, it is located at a remote data center. This data center is secure, equipped with multiple layers of redundancy in power supply, environmental controls, and interconnections into the public telephone network. The phones in your office are connected via the internet to this remote data center, using voice over internet protocol, or VoIP. Phones can be plugged in anywhere a suitable internet connection is available, and they take their phone numbers and features with them, anywhere in the world!

What do you gain? You get the benefits of having a very expensive, modern telephone system, but you don’t have to buy it. The monthly service cost of each powerful, full-featured, multi-line VoIP phoneis typically lower than the cost of a plain old analog telephone line. You are better able to communicate with your customers and project a more professional image, while at the same time, you save money. Most of all, you gain peace of mind!

What do you lose? Nothing. No more equipment failures, hardware/software upgrades, phone line costs, maintenance contracts, and no more headaches of owning and maintaining a telephone system.