Things to look for when choosing a reputable Telecommunications company

Our sales force is increasing drastically. Our company has over three dozen independent telecommunications representatives and increasing per month. We are now here to release our program to the public. If you are interested of becoming a partner with Qubic, please email us today at Things to look for when choosing a reputable Telecommunications company:
  1. Choose a company that works and is not experimenting on your valuable clients.
  2. Make sure that their customer service is not outsourced to a different country
  3. Make sure that you get paid and they don’t nickel and dime your commission
  4. If their commission structure sounds too good to be true then they might sound very desperate for business.
  5. Companies tend to make false statements about themselves on yelp and other review websites. Call them out on it. Ask to speak to some of their clients.
  6. Do research on the company and the individuals that work there. We have heard some horror stories ranging from drug addicts, labor law issues, tax evasion, and much more.
  7. Make sure that the company hasn’t been evicted from their previous building management company and had to move.
  8. First impressions are everything. Make sure they are dressed to impress, not dressed in some flip flops and shorts you wear to a BBQ.
  9. Qubic has acquired many clients from many providers of We know the failures of other companies and we will be happy to have you talk with their lost clients and their experience with them.
We don’t have anything to hide, reach out to us today to become the next top representative of Qubic.

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